Custom Molding With a Personal Touch

An Employee Owned Company

Who We Are

21st Century Plastics Corporation is a 100% employee-owned, custom thermoplastics injection molding company located in Potterville, Michigan, fifteen minutes south of the State Capital in Lansing.  

Established in 1988, we are experts in manufacturing products and assemblies for the seating industry, including cinema, auditorium, stadium, and office furniture seating. We also mold products for the industrial, building, and construction industries, as well as sewer system, and fire sprinkler system components, among others.  We are skilled in assisting our customers using our experience and knowledge of processes in a variety of plastic materials.  

For nearly three decades 21st CPC's has been providing our customers with products that exhibit maximum quality and value. With our 15 injection molding machines ranging from 55 ton up to 1,500 ton, we offer reasonable and competitive pricing, fast response time and excellent customer service unmatched by the competition.  

What can we mold for you?

Our History - Our Story

Gordon Wright was introduced to plastics as a salesman selling injection molding machines for Cincinnati Milacron in the late 1960's to early 1970's.  Inspired, he decided to start his own company.  He bought three new machines and set up shop in a pole barn on the family farm in Potterville, Michigan in 1972. Wright Plastics Products was successful for ten years, at one point producing a million molded spoons, forks, and knives a day, before Gordon sold the business in 1982.  

Gordon returned to work for Cincinnati Milacron, but soon felt the urge to be his own boss again.  He reached out to Greg Dobie, who had worked for Gordon at W.P.P., to explore the idea of starting a new manufacturing company.  Greg had moved with W.P.P. when it sold and was instrumental in relaunching that business in Sheridan, and he was game for the new endeavor. Along with a few other silent partners, they established 21st Century Plastics Corporation in Potterville, Michigan in 1988.  A new 10,000 sq. ft. facility was built in the newly formed industrial park, and with two new Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machines, 21st CPC was in business.  The first product, an automotive engine splash shield, was molded in December 1988.  

Gordon and Greg tended the day-to-day operation of the company.  Gordon superbly handling the sales and business matters.  His background in sales and connections in the business gave 21st CPC a good start.  Greg supervised plant operations, including processing, production scheduling and personnel.  His natural talent and mechanical abilities coupled with his molding experience played a significant role in the early success of the business. 

“We learned a lot from my first company, and applied it to 21st Century Plastics Corporation.  But, there was still a lot more to be learned, as there always is. We learned to treat our Team Members, our customers, and our community with respect. We learned that a clean and comfortable plant is good for our people. We learned to provide our customers with high quality plastic moldings, and other services, on time and at a reasonable cost, always striving to meet their needs. Most of all, we learned to surround ourselves with good people.  If you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen!  I could not be happier with 21st Century’s outstanding people and performance! Our commitment to Continuous Improvement will help 21st Century be an even greater company in the future!"  ~ Gordon Wright, Founding President

In the early years 21st CPC was primarily a supplier to the automotive industry, and quickly developed an expertise in functional engine parts, as well as decorative trim parts.  In addition, a variety of other unique products helped grow the company in it's first decade, including industrial wheels for the government, small office furniture components, sprinkler system parts, recreational vehicle products, decorative casket handles, sports trophies, space heaters, and jump rope components.  

More machines and space were added as needed to accommodate the flourishing company; a 15,000 sq. ft. addition to the original building in 1994 and another 5,000 sq. ft. in 1997, which included the addition of an engineering center.  

From Automotive to Seating

By the late 1990’s, as the automotive work was beginning to taper off, an opportunity to become a supplier for Irwin Seating Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan came about which proved to be a game changer.  ISC's plastic 12S Bucket seat assembly program brought a new and exciting challenge to 21st CPC.  This opportune venture set a new course for the future of the company. 

ISC was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan over 100 years ago under the name of Steel Furniture Company.  In 1991, ISC added Irwin Telescopic Seating Company when they purchased the Folding Bleacher Company.  ISC and ISTC are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audience seating for movie theaters, auditoriums, arenas, performing arts centers, stadiums, places of worship, and convention centers around the globe.

21st CPC is pleased and honored to be in partnership with the long-standing Irwin family business!  We are proud to have contributed seats to many beautiful stadiums and auditoriums around the world, including most recently the beautiful US Bank Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings and the outstanding Little Caesars Arena, home to the Detroit Red Wings.  You can see some of the gorgeous stadiums we have been involved in featured in our NOTABLE PROJECTS.

​New Building - New Leadership - New Owners

In 2004, Gordon and Greg decided a new building was needed. The seating products were larger than the automotive parts 21st CPC had been accustom to, and required bigger molding machines.  A second facility had been rented in Eaton Rapids, Michigan for a few years to accommodate production, but it was time to get all of the work and all of the team under one roof.  A new, 77,000 sq. ft. building was built in Potterville, in what was now called Wright Industrial Park, across the street from the original building, which was subsequently sold.  21st CPC began manufacturing in the new facility in the Fall of 2005.   

In 2010, after a rewarding and successful four decades in the plastics business, Gordon Wright retired. His vast experience and business savvy inspired the direction and success of 21st CPC from the beginning. Gordon’s contribution is immeasurable.  Greg Dobie assumed the role of Company President, as Gordon had mentored Greg through the years to be his successor. Greg's broad knowledge of plastic and expertise in molding, coupled with his shrewd mind for business and outstanding leadership skills, has enabled him to effectively and successfully lead the company. 

At the time of Gordon's retirement and the transition of the leadership of the company, 21st CPC also became an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) when the company was sold to the employees making 21st CPC a 100% employee-owned company. The motivation behind this decision was largely to keep the company located in Potterville, as well as a desire to share the success of the company with those who helped to build it.  

Teamwork! Its more than a catchphrase...

21st CPC's experienced quality management team provides leadership and vision to the company with a focus on the customer. 

Customer expectations and requirements are provided through a combination of teamwork, expertise, technology, and commitment to excellence.  At 21st CPC, we understand the importance of building good relationships, not only with our valued customer and suppliers who partner with us, but with our employees as well.  We are experts in serving others. 

Our knowledgeable management team has the ability to handle difficult to size parts, color matching and assembly.  We offer reasonable and competitive pricing, fast response time and excellent customer service unmatched by the competition!   

Our strong senior management team support a skilled and talented group of experienced maintenance, quality, engineering, shipping and receiving personnel.  As share-owners, all of our employees are personally invested in our customer's success. Maintaining a safe, clean, organized, and comfortable working environment is a combined effort.  

The 21st CPC team continually strives to improve our processes, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide the highest standard of excellence to our customers in product, delivery and service.

Customer Service is our niche!

At 21st CPC, we are committed to serving our customers by doing whatever it takes to satisfy their requirements. That includes listening to customers' needs and responding quickly to any questions or concerns.  Exceptional customer service is what we do best!  

"The entire team at 21st Century takes great pride in working there and it truly shows through in how everyone handles the issues/opportunities that come up....There is comfort in knowing if I need anything it will be addressed and handled properly from start to finish." ~ Stacy Ghast, Senior Buyer, Irwin Telescopic Seating Company

21st CPC's Quality Management System has matured over the years to become a benchmark of excellence.  First certified to the ISO based automotive standard QS 9000 in 1997, we have maintained certification throughout the years since, including a transition to ISO/TS 16949 in 2007.   Currently, the QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2015.  We are proud of the systems we have developed over the years, and of the people who make them work! This has allowed us to provide products of exceptional quality which our customers have come to expect.  

There are plenty of great molders competing for business in today's market.  Some of them are exceptional!  21st CPC understands the importance of delivering uncompromising service to our valued customers.  In fact, we believe it is what sets us apart from other molders.  Our team is committed at every level of the company to assuring that our customers are not just merely satisfied, but that they have complete confidence that 21st CPC will provide what they need...when they need it.

Custom Molding With A Personal Touch!