Custom Molding With a Personal Touch

An Employee Owned Company

Injection Molding & Assembly

21st Century Plastics has 15 ultramodern plastic injection molding machines ranging in size from 40 ton to up to 1,500 tons and featuring high pressure injection, closed loop process control, and automatic mold data storage.   

      • Real-time production monitoring & scheduling system
      • Quick change magnetic platens on 165T, 250T, 300T, 400T & 1,000T machines
      • Servo controlled robots
      • PC based hot runner control panels
      • Real time monitoring and scheduling system
      • Water and oil mold temperature controllers
      • Gas assist
      • Desiccant dryers with dew point read out

21st CPC is exceptional at secondary assembly operations and can assist customers in determining their assembly needs!

Check out this video of a process in action!

CNC and other machining services

21st Century Plastics Corporation has experience in assisting customers with their CNC machining needs using our two table travel CNC vertical mills.  Both are capable of machining various materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastic.

  • Tormach 18” x 9.5” x 16.25” (X,Y,Z) with 5,100 rpm spindle and feed rate of 110 IMP
  • Tormach 10” x 6.25” x 10” (X,Y,Z) with 10,000 rpm spindle and feed rate of 135 IMP.  

We also have surface grinding and manual machining options available.  

3D Printing / CAD CAE and other engineering services

21st Century Plastics is capable of designing and building a variety of fixtures and equipment for assembly and verification using our state-of-the-art controls.  Our Airwolf 3D Axiom 3D Printer with a print speed of up to 10 in/sec is capable of printing in 40+ materials.  

12.5”x8”x10” (X,Y,Z) Build Area, 40 Micron (0.0016”) Minimum Layer Height

All parts that are tooled by 21st Century Plastics Corp. have a full mold filling and warp analysis run on the CAD model. This analysis is intended to simulate a perfect injection mold cooling condition, and will indicate warpage that may be a result of material selection or design. Warpage is not always undesirable, but this tool will help reduce surprises after the injection mold has been built. All results will be reviewed with the customer in person, or if distance becomes an issue we can still meet using WebEx. 

In addition to the 3D printer, our expert engineering team has the ability to manage programs using the latest in CAD/CAE programs; solid modeling, finite element analysis (FEA), mold filling analysis, and full warpage analysis. 

Contact us today for quick answers to all your engineering needs!

Other Services

  • Offshore and domestic tooling resources: 21st Century Plastics has years of experience working with tooling resources all around the world.
  • In house tooling maintenance program: Our internal tooling maintenance team is skilled in designing and building equipment and fixtures to support production needs.  
  • DuraLite plastic pallet - a 21st CPC owned product: 21st Century Plastics developed it's own plastic pallet!  The DuraLite pallet offers several benefits that improve upon traditional pallet features. These pallets are designed to deliver more turns and less waste. Made of HDPE materials, these hard -working pallets are stronger and lighter than you might expect. Contact us for more information on how 21st CPC can help you with your pallet needs.
  • Custom Color Specialist:  We work closely with our colorant experts to assure our molded products meet our customers unique color specifications.  We are able to provide quick and reliable color test results using our up-to-date X-Rite color spectrophotometer. 
  • In addition to injection molding and assemblies, 21st is able to provide spin welding, painting, offline assemblies and other services to our customers.